LIRC libraries
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Internal API

Internal API for lirc applications. More...


file  ciniparser.h
 Parser for ini files.
file  config_file.h
 Parses the lircd.cont config file.
file  dictionary.h
 Implements a dictionary for string variables.This module implements a simple dictionary object, i.e. a list of string/string associations. This object is useful to store e.g. information retrieved from a configuration file (ini files).
file  driver.h
 Interface to the userspace drivers.
file  drv_admin.h
 Routines for dynamic drivers.Functions in this file provides primitives to iterate over the dynamic drivers + a single function to install such a driver.
file  dump_config.h
 Dumps data structures into file.
file  input_map.h
 Button namespace derived from Linux input layer.
file  ir_remote.h
 Describes and decodes the signals from IR remotes.
file  ir_remote_types.h
 Describes and decodes the signals from IR remotes.
file  ir_remote_types.h
 Describes and decodes the signals from IR remotes.
file  lirc_config.h
 Local configuration constants not managed by autotools.
file  lirc_log.h
 Logging functionality.
file  lirc_options.h
 Options management: options file, parse and retrieve.
file  release.h
 Automatic release event generation.
file  util.h


struct ir_remoteread_config (FILE *f, const char *name)
void free_config (struct ir_remote *remotes)
const char * drop_sudo_root (int(*set_some_uid)(uid_t))
void drop_root_cli (int(*set_some_uid)(uid_t))

Detailed Description

Internal API for lirc applications.

Function Documentation

void drop_root_cli ( int(*)(uid_t)  set_some_uid)

Default view part of drop_sudo_root. Invokes drop_sudo_root() and prints status messagea on stdout.

set_some_uidTypically seteuid() or setuid()

Definition at line 53 of file util.c.

const char* drop_sudo_root ( int(*)(uid_t)  set_some_uid)

Try to drop possible root privileges, returning new user or "" on error.

set_some_uidTypically seteuid() or setuid()
Uses environment SUDO_USER to determine user to switch to (if any).

Definition at line 26 of file util.c.

void free_config ( struct ir_remote remotes)

Free() an ir_remote instance obtained using read_config().

Definition at line 1402 of file config_file.c.

struct ir_remote* read_config ( FILE *  f,
const char *  name 

Parse a lircd.conf config file.

fOpen FILE* connection to file.
nameNormally the path for the open file f.
Pointer to dynamically allocated ir_remote or NULL on errors,

Definition at line 828 of file config_file.c.