LIRC libraries
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 o*ciniparser.cParser for ini files
 o*ciniparser.hParser for ini files
 o*config_file.cImplements config_file.h
 o*config_file.hParses the lircd.cont config file
 o*dictionary.cImplements a dictionary for string variables
 o*dictionary.hImplements a dictionary for string variables.This module implements a simple dictionary object, i.e. a list of string/string associations. This object is useful to store e.g. information retrieved from a configuration file (ini files)
 o*driver.cImplements driver.h
 o*driver.hInterface to the userspace drivers
 o*drv_admin.cImplements drv_admin.h
 o*drv_admin.hRoutines for dynamic drivers.Functions in this file provides primitives to iterate over the dynamic drivers + a single function to install such a driver
 o*dump_config.cImplements dump_config.h
 o*dump_config.hDumps data structures into file
 o*input_map.cImplements input_map.h
 o*input_map.hButton namespace derived from Linux input layer
 o*ir_remote.cImplements ir_remote.h
 o*ir_remote.hDescribes and decodes the signals from IR remotes
 o*ir_remote_types.hDescribes and decodes the signals from IR remotes
 o*lirc_client.cImplements lirc_client.h
 o*lirc_client.h3-rd party application interface
 o*lirc_config.hLocal configuration constants not managed by autotools
 o*lirc_driver.hMain include file for user space drivers
 o*lirc_log.cImplements lirc_log.h
 o*lirc_log.hLogging functionality
 o*lirc_options.cImplements lirc_options.h
 o*lirc_options.hOptions management: options file, parse and retrieve
 o*lirc_private.hMain include file for lirc applications
 o*receive.cImplements receive.h
 o*receive.hFunctions that decode IR codes
 o*release.cImplements release.h
 o*release.hAutomatic release event generation
 o*serial.cImplements serial.h
 o*serial.hCommon routines for hw that uses the standard serial port driver
 o*transmit.cImplements transmit.h
 o*transmit.hFunctions that prepare IR codes for transmitting