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ir_ncode Struct Reference

#include <ir_remote_types.h>

Data Fields

char * name
ir_code code
int length
lirc_t * signals
struct ir_code_nodenext
struct ir_code_nodecurrent
struct ir_code_nodetransmit_state
struct ir_ncodenext_ncode

Detailed Description

IR Command, corresponding to one (command defining) line of the configuration file. Normally, there is only one ir_code herein (field code), however, there may be more, namely in the linked list in the field next.

Definition at line 72 of file ir_remote_types.h.

Field Documentation

ir_code ir_ncode::code

The first code of the command

Definition at line 77 of file ir_remote_types.h.

struct ir_code_node* ir_ncode::current

Should point at the ir_code currently being transmitted, or NULL if none.

Definition at line 91 of file ir_remote_types.h.

int ir_ncode::length


Definition at line 80 of file ir_remote_types.h.

char* ir_ncode::name

Name of command

Definition at line 74 of file ir_remote_types.h.

struct ir_code_node* ir_ncode::next

Linked list of the subsequent ir_code's, after the first one. NULL if there is only one ir_code (normal case).

Definition at line 87 of file ir_remote_types.h.

struct ir_ncode* ir_ncode::next_ncode

Next code in recorded buttons list.

Definition at line 97 of file ir_remote_types.h.

lirc_t* ir_ncode::signals


Definition at line 83 of file ir_remote_types.h.

struct ir_code_node* ir_ncode::transmit_state


Definition at line 94 of file ir_remote_types.h.

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